Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

Changing your laundry products is a simple step to make 2022 the year you do better in protecting the planet. One way to make laundry more eco-friendly is to invest in plastic-free pegs. Finish your stock of plastic and wooden ones, then consider purchasing stainless steel clothes pegs that will last for years.

Check out this review of stainless steel clothes pegs as an option for being environmentally friendly, and see how you can shop for stainless steel clothes pegs based in your area.

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What Are Clothes Pegs Called?

What does clothes peg mean? Known by several different names depending on where you come from, you might know the term clothespins, but they are the same product. They range in price and quality depending on the material and the brand.

They make hanging your laundry to dry on the clothes line easier. To search for those for sale and based in your area, look through reviews of local brands.


Which Pegs Are the Best?

2022 has given us many marine grade stainless steel pegs — not tested on animals and don't contain SLS.

Wire ones develop rust when left out, especially on the coast. If you leave your clips outside on the line, you should switch from wire clips to marine grade stainless steel clips, so you don't have to worry about rust.

Stainless steel pegs are the best, not just because the reviews say so. You can't search for another product that is this green for the same price and a lifetime guarantee.

If you're not convinced, read a review by any satisfied customers.

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Do Steel Pegs Leave Marks on Clothes?

Many want to know, "do stainless steel pegs mark clothes?". After all, plastic and wooden clips are notorious for this. Luckily, stainless steel clothes pegs never leave a mark on your clothes. The steel slides gently over the fabric to hold items in place instead of relying on sharp teeth.

You can check the reviews for verification or write your review after a purchase. But in general, the answer to do steel pegs mark clothes is no.

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Are Any Stainless Steel Pegs Available in Australia?

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Searching for clothespins in Australia? When you want to know what pegs are best in the country, Ecolikely has marine-grade stainless steel pegs waiting to be the first in your collection. Filter the options by price, review, or product sale to find the best option.

Their service is excellent and offers free delivery to Australian customers paying a $70 minimum price. Struggling to make doing laundry more eco-friendly? This is the sign you need.

Read a review by scrolling down the page located near the main menu. Based on the reviews, you should be able to find a peg pack that meets the rating you want. Then add it to your cart!

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Do Stainless Steel Pegs Get Hot in the Sun?

The 316 Marine-grade designs are designed for extreme weather conditions and last a lifetime. They don't rust or get hot in the sun. Never worry about burning your fingers again.

In 2022, you get what you pay for. Stainless steel clothes pegs are worth their value because they are UV resistant without containing the harsh chemicals in cheaper products.

Multiple payment methods are available for free shipping anywhere in Australia with a minimum shipping price on the bag. Search for the size, colour, and price you want, and add your peg choices from the menu to your cart to secure your purchase.

Options from Ecolikely

If you have decided to switch from plastic or wire to marine-grade stainless steel and need to know which are the best stainless steel pegs, Ecolikely has you covered with a variety of sizes, colours, and price options with excellent reviews to upgrade your laundry routine.

Some of the most popular options with 5-star reviews include:

Large size rainbow 20 pack pegs for the sale price of $39.95.

Regular large size 60 pack pegs for the sale price of $79.95.

Large size rose gold 60 pack pegs for the sale price of $94.95.

Regular size stainless steel 100 pack pegs for the sale price of $129.95.

Get free delivery to an Australia-based location when you pay the minimum price. You can pay with PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa and enjoy top pegs with an excellent review rating.

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Take a look at the peg customer sale reviews online. When you purchase from the Ecolikely store, you're not just ordering another pack of clothes pegs only to break after a few uses. You're helping the environment.

You'll never go shopping for another wire peg. Add all your favourites to your shopping cart and get ready to use the most durable pieces for your clothes line. Check for a sale or lower price before adding it to your bag, and you'll also receive free shipping on orders over $70 in Australia.

If you plan on purchasing again to collect more products, make an account to receive sale alerts or connect your PayPal, Mastercard, or Visa card, or write a review.

Make the Switch to Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

Make 2022 the year you become more environmentally responsible by incorporating a product with a lifetime guarantee into your weekly routine. Shop online, stock up, and leave a review.

You save money and the planet when you invest in quality, plastic-free products. Pay for a box of stainless steel pegs, and help the planet in 2022.